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ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK v1.7.0 [ Mod Money ]
Version: 1.7.0
Size: 25.05MB
Categary: Casual
Developer: G Gear Inc
Requires Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Updated: Jul 13, 2020
  • 3.9
  • 39 Rates
Mod info
Modify currency imposed!

About ポテチップ kitchen :
Potechippu to Oyatsu 3 o'clock.
The one to become crisp and habit
Why not make in your hand?

● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ●

Why do not you kill time with a simple simulation cooking games?
In that children and women from the popular Potechippu and a little eccentric personality ...
Let's play with new management, training and left the game!

Only Sumaho thing to be prepared
Anyone can easily Potechippu can make

[Let's make Potechippu]

(1) it and choosing delicious Potechippu can be likely combination of seasoning
   Try to check the tips of the recipe when ※ do not know

(2) What's a little wait until Potechippu is completed

(3) Potechippu was finished

(4) new taste of Potechippu appeared to lineup

(5) Let's increase more and more Potechippu

Tiny? Healing? You can character of decoration

Also enhance the recipe of "Potechippu"!
A little bit different from the usual clicker game, left the game while cooking
Potechippu making is popular for those who for the first time

[Potato chips can make in such a seasoning]
Speaking of salt ... potato chips Kore, mineral plenty of natural salt.
Soy sauce ... Japanese seasoning indispensable to taste, fermented food with a difference in taste from region to region
Some seasoning will add the pepper ... spicy accent, insect, even antiseptic action
Mayonnaise ... oil, vinegar, dressing emulsified mix the eggs, they are used in a variety of dishes as all-purpose seasoning
Sweet seasoning made from such Sato ... sugar cane and sugar beet, overdose should be careful since the diabetes
Food firm the cream separated from butter ... milk, richness comes out that was chillin. Note that easy to burnt
Or dried seaweed ... algae, processed foods that are made baked. Feel the smell of the ISO and put
Solid the broth made boiled the chicken consomme ... chicken and vegetables and seasoning. I strongly feel the taste of chicken
Spices that combines the fruity aroma of habanero ... intense spiciness and citrus. The overdose need to be careful
Cheese ... mainly fermented foods made from milk as the main raw material, is used in a variety of cuisine has a unique aroma and flavor
Lard ... edible oils and fats, which was purified from adipose tissue of pigs, used to produce the oxidized difficult richness and flavor
Plum ... plum fruit of salted, preserved foods soaked in shiso after sun-dried. Very sour
Wasabi ... Tsun and the aroma characteristics Japanese native plants, other antimicrobial action, there is also such efficacy to prevent the disease
Processed foods to be purified chocolate ... cacao as a raw material. With a distinctive bitterness, caution is necessary so sensitive to heat
Those honey ... bees to collect the nectar, very sweet liquid that has been used than edible, for medicinal purposes since ancient times
Crustaceans shrimp ... nutrition is the abundant food in the world, attention is necessary because prone to allergies
Seasoning was added to vegetables and spices boiled down the ketchup ... tomato. Seasoning indispensable in terms of making the Western
Turn off the smell of garlic ... meat, bulbs of plants that give the smell appetizing. There is an effect of fatigue recovery and tonic
Preserved food was salted bacon ... pork. Oil are many, you can feel the taste of the intense meat
Herbs ... ancient times than herbs and perfumes, plant that has been used as a preservative. Add aroma and pungent, the flavor such as bitterness
Mustard ... pungency is small, seasoning with mild acidity. Bright yellow features derived from turmeric
Plant indispensable as a condiment of green onions ... Japanese cuisine. Has the effect of warming the body, it is good for the common cold
Lemon ... very sour fruit juice features. Become refreshing taste by adding strong to those of sweet and greasy
Mix spices used in such as garam masala ... Indian cuisine. Cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg material
A kind of green tea ... green tea, those tea leaves into a powder. There is a refreshing bitterness, is often used in confectionery and cooking
Eggs ... nutritional value is high, vitamins and minerals are abundant. Is mainly chicken eggs are used
Sesame ... nutritious plant seeds. High oil content, increasing sesame distinctive fragrant by roasting
Quality food, which is also known as the truffle ... black diamond. Us distinctive strong aroma to the rich mood

About ポテチップ kitchen Mod :
ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK 1.7.0 is published on Jul 13, 2020. The mod features for ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK 1.7.0 : Modify currency imposed!. As we know, the app ポテチップ kitchen is develped by . ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK 1.7.0 is the mod version for the app ポテチップ kitchen. This mod has been tested 100% working on 39 devices. This is the latest version of ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK. The size for ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK 1.7.0 is 25.05MB. This mod has been tested with all kinds of anti-virus software. It is 100% safe. Download and install the mod game ポテチップ kitchen Mod APK 1.7.0 now!

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